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My game is up but I'm not listed as author

2011-02-01 06:14:59 by robothousegames

[update] All sorted thanks to the NG team!

So my latest game has been uploaded to NG (filltheskywithstars) and I had no idea 'til just now. Even though I am the author of it I'm not credited as such. The sponsor has only credited themselves. This kinda sucks.


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2011-02-01 06:23:52

Can't you just ask the sponsor to add you?

robothousegames responds:

He's not replying to my messages unfortunately...


2011-02-01 07:16:06

as long as you get the cash


2011-02-01 08:29:14

Pm tom, wade, or mindchamber asking them about this matter.
tom may be fairly busy cause last we saw on livestream his inbox is like 137.
wade could mostly help you than minchamber so yeah but whatever.

good luck


robothousegames responds:

Thank you for the advice! I'll try that


2011-02-01 08:30:53

I think I remember Tom Fulp mentioning something about this and, although I can't say anything will come out of it for sure, it might be worth dropping him a PM and explaining your situation.


2011-02-01 08:57:53

Sounds like you got dicked bro.

Ill be talking to tom about this later

robothousegames responds:

Whoop! it's fixed!

thanks for the advice and help everyone


2011-02-01 09:18:33

Since the terms of your sponsorship did state you would be credited, I have added you on to the credits. Let me know if the sponsor removes you.

robothousegames responds:

Thank you Tom & MindChamber, appreciate the help


2011-02-01 11:41:49

Shall we blam it for you? This way he has no choice but to give you credit :3

robothousegames responds:

Thank you, but Tom got it sorted for me!


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