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Still rolling

2009-02-09 08:22:45 by robothousegames

Still been really slow going, fitting in working on this game is really difficult and its kinda wearing me out. I really want to do it so I guess I'll just forge ahead. My desktop PC died the other week so all work and software has had to be salvaged from it...hate computers!!!

The second painted screen is nearly done but I think its time to change tactic, from now on I'll be painting scenes in joint-chunks of 3 or 4. Painting the screens separately but keeping continuity of texture and colour is proving to be incredibly tricky.

2 down, around about 38 to go!

painting and hold ups

2009-01-18 07:56:55 by robothousegames

I had some big hold ups of late. My new laptop which I bought to work on my new game turned out to be useless and crashed every 10 minutes...a month on I finally have gotten rid of it. Sadly this means that I didn't make as much progress as I would have liked to over Christmas.

Not all doom and gloom though as I have been doing a few paint tests this last week. I've been trying to establish the best techniques to create my little game world. Having spent the last 2 hours in photoshop I'm really pleased with the results...nearly have the 1st screen of the game all ready to go.

Decided to aim high with this one, despite the fact it will have to be scaled down for internet release I've decided to paint all the artwork at 300dpi and in 1080p. You never know, I might be able to put out a super high quality version of this thing one day - provided I get it finished!

I will.

Quiet but beavering away

2008-12-18 11:59:11 by robothousegames

I've been very quiet for a while, I had a couple of small game projects in development but have now put those on hold. Nothing has been canned but I decided it was time I worked on something bigger, something that might enjoy more longevity. Due to the nature of this new project the planning and design phase will be a serious endeavour, far more so than anything I've worked on in the past.

My new game project is not something I really want to talk too much about since development is going to take a long time. What I will say is I've been sketching storyboards and writing for it for around 6 weeks now and I expect this phase to take another 6 - 8 weeks. My aim is pure and simple, create a game in which users enjoy spending their time. My all-time favourite games all have magnificent settings, places that at times you'd wish were real because their so much fun to explore. This is what I'm aiming for.

Aim high :)

Hello Anybody

2008-09-28 06:38:16 by robothousegames

This is my first post here, I'm going to try and get into the habit of posting occasional updates here so that if anyone is interested they can get the heads up on my upcoming games.

As it stands I'm pleased to say that I have a new game coming out very soon, just finalising a few things. All I can say is in keeping with my last 2 games up here it will be quite different in style and gameplay. This one is an arcade game for people who don't mind their games difficult and with a heavy reliance on dexterity. It's also going to have a pretty nifty feature that I don't want to go into just yet that will *hopefully* give the game real mileage and longevity (I think most of you won't have too much trouble working out what I'm hinting at).

There's a sneaky peek picture below...

Hello Anybody