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My New Game: Total Robostruction!

2012-06-12 07:15:00 by robothousegames

I'm very very pleased to be able to announce I've just uploaded my latest game Total Robostruction.

It's a sequel to a game a few of you might *possibly* remember (if I'm lucky!) from waaaayy back in 2007, it was my first upload here on NG: "Super Robostruction".

I've long since wanted to return to the idea and really do it justice.

Take a look, let me know what you think - good bad or indifferent!

I've included medals for those of you who like those too.

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it (at least a little!)

- John /

My New Game: Total Robostruction!

So, finally I've wrapped up development on my new game!
Any old(er)-school NG people might possibly remember the original "Super Robostruction", which was my first submission here waaaay back in 2007.

I've long since wanted to return to the concept to really do it justice, the result is "Total Robostruction".
While I wait to sort publishing and whatnot out, I really wanted to share at least a little taster of what to expect.

I know trailers for flash games is probably a little overkill but hey!

I hope you like, enjoy!

Trailer for my new game "Total Robostruction"


2012-03-29 05:47:40 by robothousegames

My next game is complete!

It is my first ever sequel, I've revisited an ooooolllld game very close to my heart.

I can't wait to share it with everyone at Newgrounds, just got to find someone to help publish and we're good to go!

see you all very soon

Whoop! Finally, my latest game arrives here on NG: Feed Our Doughnut Overlords!
I'd be delighted if you'd check it out, would love to know what you all think!

It is arguably the best Doughnut related game you'll play this week!
It is an infectious blend of action, strategy and building a planet in the face of overwhelming space-doughnut-flavoured odds. (also featuring vast pirate-space-doughnut bosses)

Play it here

Feed Our Doughnut Overlords!


2011-08-18 08:45:34 by robothousegames

I haven't posted in a while, still awaiting release of my latest game. It is currently awaiting the go-ahead from the publisher. It should be out sometime in the week of the 29th of August, can't wait, but also super-nervous of how it will be's an odd game!

Dev of newer projects has been and will be on hold for the next month at least due to health problems. As soon as I can get back to work proper I'll see that I deliver something seriously cool in quicker time.

This year has been a real mixed bag so far! :)

An excellent line from 'Some Kind of Monster'.

Advice I am going to follow.

My latest game is finished, another idea I was going to make isn't turning out to be particularly fun so we're starting a new project tomorrow. Good to decide these things before investing too long in a game methinks.

My current game project has very bright, colourful, simple graphics. I am however trying to craft something involving and meaningful - in the sense that I want people to experience a sense of agency. I want players to feel that the act of play will reveal the systems at work, therefore allowing them to improve their score and have a more enjoyable time.

In trying to build a game that isn't too shallow, I started layering conditions on conditions. Events on events, some random, some not. Sometimes X might happen, sometimes Y, and sometimes neither. Herein lay the problem.

In order to meet sudden conditions posed by the game, the player needs to plan ahead. The random nature of these conditions was at odds with creating a sound feedback loop. I found players might sometimes find themselves preparing for a rainy day that never comes.

The game threatens you. You rise to the challenge, only to find it responds 'just kidding, you've been wasting your time, you needn't of planned ahead so much'.

The answer in this case: simplify the systems that trigger events and establish winning/scoring conditions. Implement a higher level of redundancy, therefore boosting agency and a sense of reward for making meaningful strategic decisions. With a simpler system at work, one that features less random elements, the player can learn the game (to some degree), isolate the key strategies required for a (not quite) perfect playthrough...

and most importantly: enjoy themselves and get a flipping huge score.

My latest game is a trig minefield. I am living in a world of Maths and pain!

I spent all day trying to rotate rectangle points around an origin to allow for mouse-rollover functionality of objects in a bitmapdata game. I have a central circular object with objects sat on the surface, the entire thing is rotatable - therein lies the co-ordinate nightmare. Sadly I don't have the luxury of using movieclips and rollovers - I really need the extra performance boost from Bitmapdata.

Anywho, after wrestling with rotating rectangles around an origin all morning I came to a far simpler solution. Rotate a single point for each object(in this instance half-width(x), height(y)), then loop through an array of all the objects and find which object's point is nearest the mouse. Taddah! insta-mouse-over.

Like most things: simple. head-ache-inducingly-day-consumingly-s imple :)

Rotating co-ordinates and mouse over nightmares


2011-02-06 11:11:54 by robothousegames

Thank you to everyone who reviewed, the feedback is always appreciated whether good,bad or indifferent!

I was super pleased to see I just snuck into the daily top 5 too.

People who mentioned the game being more of a toy (that's what I see it as too - that and a cheeky way of delivering a poem) and perhaps needing more depth all have a fair point. I might well explore the mechanic in the future in a more substantial game but for the time being I have a few other games in development and this was more of a tasty morsel than a full-blown project.

ps the music is called 'Gustav'. I recorded it specifically for the game, it can be found here


My game is up but I'm not listed as author

2011-02-01 06:14:59 by robothousegames

[update] All sorted thanks to the NG team!

So my latest game has been uploaded to NG (filltheskywithstars) and I had no idea 'til just now. Even though I am the author of it I'm not credited as such. The sponsor has only credited themselves. This kinda sucks.